“Snowcoated” was probably the first album (and one out of only three) I had a more or less clear-cut concept for — and it was actually completed. It was also the last time I tried to pay tribute to 90’s lounge and drum&base influences (which, after all, might always have been a doomed venture on my Yamaha). Some songs, I think, have a certain strange beauty to them, and despite the fact I don’t really like said influences any more, I still love to listen to some of these tracks.

Snowcoated pI

There are four tracks entitled “Snowcoated” on this album, each in a different time. This one’s 5/4. Each features a basic pattern of keys (piano, harpsichord), string-scapes, a choir and a different set of effects (distortion in this case). They all have prominent beats, and they all convey images of winter and gliding over icy landscapes for me.

Song of the Harlequin

Maybe the low point of the album, I’m not sure — it’s terribly happy and jumpy, almost like a C64 game. But it an almost vengeful kind of way I think it’s good in its own over-the-top kind of way — at least I wouldn’t know what to change about it. Maybe the bassoon is an underestimated discotheque instrument.

Snowcoated pII

Upping the time signature to 6/8.


And old track dating back to the “Dread Hip” phase, emulating some complicated pseudo-drum&bass patterns and some evil-sounding scapes. Like the Song of the Harlequin, I somewhat equally dislike and like it.

Snowcoated pIII

7/8 and some nice arrangements, too, especially percussion-wise.

Ghost and the Geisha

Love this one – I never got closer to imitating Dead Can Dance than here … I also have to admit that I can’t remember any more what I did to the rhythm of this song. I think I put tracks in different times on top of each other (the melody being 4/4 and the beats 5/4 or the other way around). I also think the piece has a certain sensual quality to it — hence its title. And the plucked thingie in the middle part almost sounds natural! Wish I had turned off that velocity fix more often …

Liquid Purse Leap

A little trip-hop piece akin to the “Dread Hip” tracks. I still ignore the fact that artificial saxes really suck, and that my “happy” pieces always run the risk of inviting plain silliness. The title is a painful pun on the favorite feline activities: Lick, Eat, Purr, Sleep. Go figure.

Snowcoated pIV

9/8 and rather hymn-like. Although 11/8 would have been another option, I think I run out of ideas after this one.


Maybe the hoppiest of all my ‘hop’ pieces, with some doses of orientalism on top. I was a lot into bagpipes at that time; about ten year later, I finally managed to play at least some easy melodies on a real one.


I think this song could have some real potential if the drums didn’t sound like the revenge of the 80s solo entertainer association. Still, it gives me a kick to listen to it, so there you are. Rest assured, it doesn’t tread any further into those realms from here on!

Edge Dancer’s Ballad

Well, except for this one, probably — another fit of psychedelic discotheque craziness. But all’s well that ends well.

Snowcoated by IDLS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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