The Final Step

The Final Step was my only album ever commercially distributed on CD via the old peoplesound platform. They even paid me some money for it, and the album ranked no.1 on their “New Age / Instrumental” Chart for some time, whatever significance this might have had. Some time later, there was a massive change in administration and policy, and my page and the accompanying mp3s were deleted, my inquiries never answered.

I was in a mood for creating new “styles” then, and the big unifying concept for The Final Step was nothing less but “wave jazz”. The results included homages to my favorite writers, stories-turned-music from the Fairwater universe (finally turned story again when I eventually wrote that darn novel), as well as my infamous obsession with variations on Carter Burwell’s Fargo-Soundtrack (not included on the distributed CD). And, alas, indeed some bars of what almost came out as jazz.

I still don’t understand jazz, which makes me quite sad.


The “deluxe” version of the album consists of 14 tracks, probably all of which will eventually be uploaded to this site.

The Final Step by IDLS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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