The Mirror


“The Mirror (to break)” was an important milestone song in my musical endeavours. It was the first song that did not see the light of day on my YAMAHA PSR, but on a good friend’s KORG X-2. He had just bought it, I was of course jealous, and spent the whole night in his kitchen figuring it out. This first song is the result of that night.

Finally, I had a true synthesizer at my disposal. Finally, I could use real step-recording (as a result, the song is in 13/12), and a wide array of strange sounds my friend had already programmed (and that helped me to literally let hell break loose towards the end). It really teaches you something about how much your tools can affect your music.

Along with a handful of other pieces, the song was collected on a little mini album, the full title of which is “(For what behind) the mirror (lurks ‘s worth a thousand years of misery)”. Later on, there would also be an accompanying poem, which eventually wound its way into my first novel, “Fairwater”. There exists a (German) spoken version of the poem, with the music as background. It’s kind of creepy, but not necessarily great, so I prefer to listen to the song and read the poem separately.

“Centauri” was another of these KORG pieces (track 3 on the album), and for some years, it was the background music for the very first webpage I designed for some friends and myself (a roleplaying portal). I still love the calm, SciFi-ish feel of it.

“The Wandering Rainfalls” (track 4), not surprisingly, is my musical expression of having a walk in the rain; but on a lovely day. Notice how I finally figured out that you can actually *turn off* the velocity fix on a keyboard …

(all missing tracks will eventually be added)

The Mirror by IDLS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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