This is a random collection of my last recordings and unfinished projects, including some of my weirdest stuff, and some of my best.

This section is going to be expanded in the course of time.


A New Home

A telling title, for I had just moved in a flat shared with a friend and set up my keyboard on the wooden floor. I really like the calm, flowing 5/4 melody, and I think I also did a decent job on the mixing. The Yamaha seldom sounded better than this.

* * *

The Ballad of Ian Slater

The title track of an unfinished album called — attention, pun — Æeons Later, indicating a) my last efforts to begin a new collection of songs after quite some time had passed and b) the vague idea that there could exist something like a Western/Electro style, this track combines Morricone-esque harmonica tunes with that sort of Drum’n’bass-like patterns I often used at that time. I still think the finale is quite good, although I could have done better with the piano, especially in terms of velocity. Ian Slater, btw, looks a lot like Clint Eastwood.


Ian Slater and the Goblin Mine

One of his later adventures will take brave Ian into an abandoned Goblin Mine. Those mines get really deep and dangerous, you know.



Also more or less part of the Ian Slater Epic (in lieu of better ideas), this is just a short piece created to accommodate a left-over melody I didn’t want to abandon.

* * *

A Stone in the Wind

The next three pieces are fragments from another unfinished project entitled Tales from the Faery’s Garden. My aim was to tell simple tales, using simple melodies with a playful character. This first one, however, came out a bit “big”. The wind in the title was probably just a symbol of my usual musical nostalgia, but I’m not sure about the stone anymore. It might have been a nod to my then Vampire-Live sister-in-blood, Aniara Windstone. We Toreador kids do need our muses.


Comet Plays Hide and Seek

One of my all-time favorite pieces, maybe because it marks one of the rare instances I forced myself to stay minimalistic and don’t be afraid of sevenths and stuff. And it’s just one of the best tunes I ever came up with. The comet in the title is not a real comet btw, but something smaller; something that can play hide-and-seek in a garden. Maybe something like a will-o’-the-wisp.


The Staircase

The last of the Garden-group. I succeeded at minimalism again, however, less so on the garden imagery. This piece just felt like going up (or down) an endless spiral staircase, and to be honest, I’m a little afraid of those, ’cause you can never see what’s behind the next corner. Damn, there aren’t even corners!

* * *

The Land Delaine

The first track of yet another unfinished project, which was intended to tell a kind of grotesque, eerie fairy-tale (its unofficial title being The tale of the maiden Muslgruse and the evil sorcerer Schlarunzel), inspired by some theatre work friends of mine were doing at that time. However, I couldn’t resist my usual melancholy with this opener. The Land Delaine seems to be a sad and beautiful place … in 7/4.


Castle of the Pale Moon

Second part of the project mentioned above, introducing us to a nice, yet very lonely castle little Muslgruse has to visit. The string section is a rare example of my use of different levels of velocity, and draws heavily on Philip Glass’ typical soundtrack work. What I’m really fond of, however, are the trombones in the middle part.

to be continued …

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